AZI srl Romania- Special Glued Laminated Timber

AZI srl Romania is producer of Glued Laminated Timber - Special Glulam for exclusive destinations and superior finish requirements, certified for structural uses according to EN 14080:2013 standard.

AZI srl Romania holds the CERTIFICATE OF CONSTANCY OF THE PERFORMANCE 1870- CPR- 1059, respectively the certificate / mark
"CE" for Glued Laminated Timber.

AZI srl Romania also offers lamellar profiles and panels for joinery.

The species of wood is spruce - Picea Abies- "white wood" which will ensure sustainable structures with superior finishes in an infinite number of colors and shades that create exceptional psycho sensations.
The adhesive is free of formaldehyde and it is recommended for use in homes and particularly in bedrooms and poorly ventilated rooms.

Glued Laminated Timber - Glulam for constructions and architectures complies with the quality requirements of standard EN 14080:2013 - "Timber structures. Glued laminated timber latest edition of 09.2013. Products fall in GL 26h class of resistance with characteristic values standard EN 14080:2013 reference included.

Wood characteristics and the lamella's qualities are mentioned below:

We manufacture Glued Laminated Timber "Free of Knots" which is a special Glulam, "Selection Quality" that incorporates special manufacturing technology which is based on the purchase of logs of the same estimated age and the same area, obtaining of the timber with radial and semiradial cutting, mechanical and manual / visual sorting of laminas, gluing of the lamellas with thickness of 20-28 mm or 40 mm, to obtain the highest quality. With this technology, glued laminated timber becomes the raw material for products with superior finishes and very pleasant visual impact. These products are for the exclusive destinations of housing construction, curtain wall, structural carpentry or Wintergarden.

AZI srl Romania also offers Glued laminated timber - scantlings and panels for joinery and for interior and ambiental uses. The characteristics of the wood used for joinery and for interior and ambiental uses meets a set of standards regarding to the aspect, to the quality classes, durability and other mechanical characteristics of the wood, timber and semi-finished wood for utilization in constructions. The main references standards are: EN 14220:2007, EN 14221:2007, EN 942:2007, EN 13307-1-2 and the ones referring to the appearance, biological durability and other mechanical characteristics.

AZI srl Romania can also offer glued laminated timber from other species.
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