About us

AZI srl Romania is producer of Glued Laminated Timber - Special Glulam for exclusive destinations and superior finish requirements, certified for structural uses according to EN 14080:2013 standard.

AZI srl Romania holds the CERTIFICATE OF CONSTANCY OF THE PERFORMANCE 1870- CPR- 1059, respectively the certificate / mark
"CE" for Glued Laminated Timber.

AZI srl Romania also offers lamellar profiles and panels for joinery.

AZI srl Romania is specialized producer of scantlings, massif boards for joinery assemblies – windows and doors and glued laminated timber for interior and exterior architecture where the superior finish is an essential request.
AZI srl Romania manufacture glued laminated timber which allow the development of structures in a universe of shapes, sizes and possibilities to adapt to any architectural ensemble, that emphasize the psycho-sensory characteristics of wood.
The design that can bring you close to nature, its functionality and technical – functional features can create a cosy, warm and perfectly harmonious atmosphere. That’s why we firmly believe that wood is the most important construction material and we have to constantly preoccupy to bring wood and wood products in our environment and to give up all that is false and harmful. AZI srl Romania has an old tradition in wood conversion, which has started from early beginning of XX century, when there has been a small family trade that has developed and became a legal company after 1990. One of the most special branch of wood practice that involves "wood sense" and a lot of "skill" is wood carpentry. This branch requires advanced knowledge and a high technology.

AZI srl Romania is situated in the most wooded region from Romania, with many FSC certificated areas. AZI srl company, being situated in the richest wood area allows us to find the necessary suppliers and to achieve a rigorous selection of timber or logs. The mountainous area of Neamt and Bucovina offer the best quality of Norway spruce – Picea Abies. Resinous timber species are suitable for construction, and of these, spruce, without mixtures of coniferous species, allows the obtaining of the best performance in finishing. The area of limitrophe counties, like Botosani, Iasi or Vaslui offers all the other species with tradition and adaptability to the production of carpentry assemblies or environmental architecture. For architects and designers, wood joinery systems and environmental laminated timber can form a universe of architectural solutions, where wood, through its properties can dominate the space and perform at the same time specific features.

Positioning of the factory in an area with old tradition in forest exploitation and wood conversion, and especially in Piatra Neamt city, where there has been and still is a concentration of factories concerned with wood conversion activity, allows the hiring of skilled staff, with an "ecological" and "green" attitude toward forest and wood. We have scientific arguments to say that the wood used in construction is in harmony with nature and that the profiles production for carpentry assemblies creates environmental and economic benefits for wooden windows. The tradition and the specific of AZI srl are closely related to the city and surroundings of Piatra Neamt city, and harmoniously combined with its secular traditions. The rapid growth is due to these particular advantages and to the healthy principles of our professional manufacturing activity. The manufacture of glued laminated timber and in general the wooden buildings are eco-friendly and eco-efficient. We can argue that AZI srl Romania has a high level of functionability and creativity, equally related to the economical, social and ecological aspects, and that it is continuously improving itself by reaching and generating information and competitive knowledge. The whole concept of the production company AZI srl Romania is based on respect for nature, by making used natural raw material that are eco-friendly. AZI srl Romania has recently made major investments in modernizing its factory equipment. We have purchased the most efficient and innovative equipment from important European manufacturers, especially from Germany reaching to professional equipping with newest technologies. In achieving the newest equipment AZI srl Romania directed towards important suppliers, of tradition, which include a high level of innovation in their equipments.
The technological flow is now an integrated system starting from primary processing of wood, to timber elements and then the final product- glued laminated timber.
AZI srl Romania envolves in local community and we are proud that we work and live in Piatra Neamt city.