Specialized producer of
Glued Laminated Timber

AZI srl Romania is producer of Glued Laminated Timber - Special Glulam for exclusive destinations and superior finish requirements, certified for structural uses according to EN 14080:2013 standard.

AZI srl Romania holds the CERTIFICATE OF CONSTANCY OF THE PERFORMANCE 1870- CPR- 1059, respectively the certificate / mark
"CE" for Glued Laminated Timber.

AZI srl Romania also offers lamellar profiles and panels for joinery.

AZI srl Romania offers high quality products and services according to the evolution of the latest innovative systems, in accordance with EU standards in the wood industry.
We are responsive to the needs of each client and we do everything with professionalism. We respect the law, the standards, the rules and recommendations of the most prestigious settlement institutes in the field of assemblies of wood joinery manufacturing and promote the same values for all our customers and partners.
AZI sl Romania opens a new pathway in its field of activity and will remain so in the future. AZI srl Romania will always represent "honesty", "compliance" and "honor", correctly transposed into reality!
With every offer and action we have demonstrated professionalism, initiative, discipline, seriousness and quality of products and services. In this way, AZI srl Romania became "specialized manufacturer of glued laminated timber", a brand created to evolve.

AZI srl Romania is specialized manufacturer of Glued Laminated Timber, Special Glulam, from spruce, "white wood", for housing construction where aesthetics and physical-mechanical properties and rigidity are essential.

AZI srl Romania holds the CERTIFICATE FOR CONSTANCY OF THE PERFORMANCE 1870 - CPR- 1059 , respectively certificate / mark "CE". 

The products falls in GL 26h class of resistance with characteristic values ​​of EN  14080:2013 standard, formaldehyde class " E1 " reaction to fire "D- s2 , d0 " and durability class " 4- SH- SH- S".
Wood characteristics and the lamella's qualities are mentioned below:

We manufacture Glued Laminated Timber "Free of Knots" which is a special Glulam, "Selection Quality" that incorporates special manufacturing technology which is based on the purchase of logs of the same estimated age and the same area, obtaining of the timber with radial and semiradial cutting, mechanical and manual / visual sorting of laminas, gluing of the lamellas with thickness of 20-28 mm or 40 mm, to obtain the highest quality. With this technology, glued laminated timber becomes the raw material for products with superior finishes and very pleasant visual impact. These products are for the exclusive destinations of housing construction, curtain wall, structural carpentry or Wintergarden.

AZI srl Romania also offers Glued Laminated Timber - scantlings and panels for joinery and for interior and ambiental uses. The characteristics of the wood used for joinery and for interior and ambiental uses meets a set of standards regarding to the aspect, to the quality classes, durability and other mechanical characteristics of the wood, timber and semi-finished wood for utilization in constructions. The main references standards are: EN 14220:2007, EN 14221:2007, EN 942:2007, EN 13307-1-2 and the ones referring to the appearance, biological durability and other mechanical characteristics.

On what we rely:
Norms, rules and know-how to the use of wood.

AZI srl Romania respect the standards which establish the class and the classification by aspect of the wood quality utilized in joinery products or individual parts of joinery, semi-manufactured and semi-finished profiles of wood for unstructured utilization or in construction.
The wood used to manufacture lamellar profiles for joinery assemblies meet also the recommendations of bodies notified instituties in NANDO for implementation of standard EN 14351-1:2006 standard and granted the "CE" mark for exterior windows and doors. This allow the adoption of this standard and "CE" mark by the all joinery producers and can reach superior performances, to the specifics and obligatory tests, by the one who use scantlings manufactured by AZI srl Romania.
Norms, rules and know-how to the use of adhesive
AZI srl Romania use adhesive PVac of D4 durability class particularly for the manufacture of wood joinery, according to standard EN 204:2002 and which allows the obtaining of a tensile adhesive strength of jointing by overlap at high temperature >7.0 N / mm ², according to standard EN 14257:2006.
For the manufacture of ambient glued laminated timber for construction and architecture, AZI srl Romania uses polyurethane adhesive in a controlled environment according to standard EN 301:2006 regarding structural utilization. The certification for structural utilization is given by Otto-Graf Institute (FMPA) from Germany and Norsktreteknik Institute from Norway, by testing according to European standards EN 14080:2013 and German standard DIN 1052:2008.

Procedures and tests
The company has a well established procedure of sampling, that are subjected to severe specific tests done inside the company and by entities specialized to determine physical and mechanical properties needed for joinery manufacturing assemblies.

Detailed self- control 
AZI srl Romania has a detailed self-control system of manufacturing process which used all norms, rules and know-how which it has, through a system of procedures that can be demonstrated;
Permanent quality
The company provides permanent qualities through a specific set of procedures and Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008, implemented in the unit.
External control
Free market competition, foreign and national competiting companies and requirements of implementation of standard EN 14351-1:2006, "Windows and doors. Product standard, performance characteristics" and the "EC" by our clients determine growing higher demands and expectations. AZI srl has the technical and organizational capacity to manufacture glued laminated timber to adopt this standard and meet conformity requirements. The Quality Management system is externally verified.

Qualified and trained personnel
AZI srl Romania has major advantages by being positioned in an area with a long tradition in forestry and wood processing. Especially in Piatra Neamt city, the existence of Forest Technical High School provides a high potential of qualified staff through early training. AZI srl Romania is preoccupied in insurance to all staff training in step with the newest evolutions from the wood processed domain and for the correct using of the most newest processing machine, through specialized courses and advanced specific preparation at factory headquarter or to benchmark factory from Germany. We give equal chances to every employee because we believe in unity through diversity and in diverse individual values in an organizational system which promote and develop AZI srl Piatra Neamt company.

Wide and consistent range of timber
The positioning of the company in a tradition area, offer major advantages in purchasing raw material. The land of Neamt and Bucovina distrincts offer the best quality of soft wood species recommended for utilization in construction. Between them, spruce-Picea abies, without mixtures of coniferous species, reaches the best performance in finishing.
Spruce characteristics from Bistrita Valley and Bucovina district are found in the expression: "Spruce is part of the species of our national heritage". The area of limitrophe counties offers all the other species with tradition and adaptability to the production of joinery assemblies.
AZI srl Romania can also offer glued laminated timber from other species.

Technical equipment
AZI srl Romania company has modern technical equipment correlated to the entire production flow. We own technical resources of receiving, unloading, drying, storage of raw material and cutting of radial or semi-radial timber. We make drying with automatic machines with the latest software, with automatic equipment and integrated circuits. Different types of adhesive application are made in an environment of temperature, humidity and controlled air currents. We use cold pressed machine, without forcing the gluing process and we have adequate warehouses for the finished products.

Laminated timber production is eco-efficienct and is based on principles of sustainable development, through:

  • Investments in machinery and environment friendly equipment.
  • Consistent economy of gas through proper waste management and waste burning boiler with air and smoke filtration systems.
  • Productive activity characterized by high functionality and creativity by a relatively equal emphasis on economic, social and environmental aspects, and also by a continuous improvement. This leads to new products and services generating competitive informations and knowledges that ensure long-term development.
  • Location has the necessary facilities in case of emergency situations, thus minimizing the losses, as part of sustainable development.
  • Employees are properly trained to achieve competence and professionalism; they know very good the market of similar products, give competence and professionalism by their attitude which, ultimately, generate income and profit. These represent the social side of sustainable development.
  • Wooden buildings are eco friendly.
  • Laminated timber creates environmental, economic and ecological benefits for the producers and customers of wooden windows.
  • Production of scantlings for joinery assemblies determines energy savings through thermal windows rehabilitating. It can be demonstrated that the entire economy made by thermal windows rehabilitation exceeds the value of 2.800.000 €.

AZI srl Romania can also offer glued laminated timber from other species.
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